About Tory

Tory has been hunting Mule Deer for over 30 years! During that time Tory has successfully helped hunters take the biggest deer of this era.

This includes any of the 4 monster bucks taken by Dr. David Meyer, like his “244″ Henry Mountains buck, his 244″ velvet buck from the Arizona strip or either of his giant 214″ or 224″ typical bucks. Tory is the guy to credit for all of them. Tory’s hard work is also to thank for deer like the Arizona strip’s Sampson, a 295″ giant taken by Dan Freidkin, 321″ Houdini taken By Alan Hamberlin, and 283″ buck taken by Robert Kay in the 2011 season. He has been been on 15 Boone and Crockett hunts and 13 35″+ deer.